PMC Certified Colour Champion Programme


PMC Certifiied Colour Champion programme is designed to bring specialist knowledge of colour management to your personnel in a rigorous and structured modular format, with a prestigious and recognised certification of competence at the successful completion of the programme.





The objectives of the Certified Colour Champion Programme are:


  • To provide print companies and their employees with a detailed understanding of colour management principles and processes for compliance to ISO 12647 and the BPIF certification scheme.
  • To ensure that managers, production staff and colour management specialists are fully competent in the field of colour management and product compliance.
  • To formally assess and recognise competence as a PMC Certified Colour Champion
  • To provide a flexible, modular approach to become a PMC Certified Colour Champion
  • To provide a prestigious and internationally recognised certification of competence for personnel in this field


This is a comprehensive, wide ranging and detailed professional qualification tailored to companies and industry members who need to be at the leading edge of colour quality management.


Corporate consumers of printed communication whether in packaging, labeling or commercial print are increasingly  demanding colour managed products. The economic case for colour managed production is very simple. Profitability can no longer absorb substandard colour. The cost of colour quality failure and rejection together with consequential customer service/ delivery pressures has the potential to be very serious.


Conversely, the savings available in terms of production set up, make ready times, waste minimization, reductions in customer colour complaints are profound for a well operated colour quality system. This is the case even for the larger and most professionally managed production businesses.


The PMC Certified Colour Champion Programme and its component modules are designed to support and assist the sector in better serving its customer base and retaining business and profitability.


Each module is designed either for management or for specialist/production staff across the entire sector. The competence of the Certified Colour Champion is automatically recognised by PMC’s auditing process for the BPIF Colour Quality certification scheme.


The PMC Certified Colour Champion Programme will increase the colour competence of the sector and will provide a searchable database of colour specialist personnel.


Programme Content

The programme includes assessment and written examination, where appropriate, to determine competence. Candidates undertake whichever modules they consider are required in order to develop the necessary competence, in addition to mandatory modules where practical assessment is undertaken.


The programme covers the following training modules:

-       ISO Colour standards

-       The BPIF Colour Quality Management scheme

-       Internal auditing for Colour Systems

-       Introduction to colour theory and practice

-       Pre-press colour management – colour workflows and proofing (mandatory)

-       Colour Management on press (mandatory)

-   Colour conformity and the use of spectrophotometers (mandatory)



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