UKAS Accredited Colour Quality Certification

PMC is the only certification body in the world specifically accredited by UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service: ) to provide certification to the BPIF Coloour Quality Management Certification Scheme, which includes colour standards such as ISO 12647.

As a result, our certified clients hold the only accredited colour quality certifications for printed products, through the BPIF scheme, in the world. Their customers can be assured of the highest quality colour products as a result.

For more information download our factsheet here.

For details of the benefits and features of the BPIF colour quality management certification scheme view here.

For details of the benefits of UKAS accredited certification, download our factsheet here. 


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PMC’s Accreditation by UKAS

PMC is accredited by UKAS to perform certification in the paper, print and publishing sectors for management systems standards and product certification. This means that PMC has demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate that it is impartial, independent and highly competent in the certifications it offers to customers.

By achieving a PMC accredited certification, certified customers can demonstrate that they have been audited robustly, by an independent body that has been entirely impartial and competent in auditing and certifying them. This is entirely different to unaccredited certifications, carried out by organisations who have an interest in selling products, services, and/or advice to those customers, and whose interests mean that their certification cannot be relied upon, at best, or is entirely worthless, at worst. Unaccredited certifications are damaging to customers and the reputation of the print industry as a whole.

PMC is the only certification body in the world to be accredited specifically for ISO 12647 as part of the BPIF colour quality management certification scheme.

No other certifications for ISO 12647 are UKAS accredited, and so PMC’s accredited certification is the only certification which can demonstrate global recognition for its independence and impartiality. PMC’s certified customers can demonstrate this recognition through use of the prestigious PMC and UKAS marks on their stationery, websites and other promotional material.


Benefits of Accredited Certification through PMC


-       Credibility in the market: UKAS accredited certification is recognised by buyers as the only truly reliable certification.


-       Achieve new customers: an accredited certification will allow access to tenders, and potential customers, which would otherwise not be available.


-       Improve your business processes and products: having spent time and effort in developing and implementing systems, and improving product quality, highly competent and impartial auditing will help to sustain and drive improvement in your business further.


-       Offer market differentiation and leadership by demonstrating credible evidence of good practice.


-       Identify and adopt industry best practice: PMC’s auditors are all specialist in their field, with knowledge of best practice that can be brought to your organization.


-       International Recognition of certification: through an international agreement between National Accreditation Bodies, PMC’s UKAS accredited certifications are recognised internationally, and have equal credibility and confidence amongst customers throughout the world. Certified once, recognised everywhere.


-       Use of PMC and UKAS marks and symbols: As a PMC certified customer, you can use PMC’s prestigious certification marks and UKAS’s famous “crown and tick” symbol on your organisation’s promotional material, an easy way to demonstrate your commitment to the highest standards, and recognised throughout the industry and by buyers of really high quality organisations.


-       Gain access to new markets and customers: as an accredited certification body, working specifically in print, PMC is regularly contacted by print buyers and others seeking companies with PMC certifications. We regularly provide information about our certified customers to buyers throughout the world, thereby potentially opening new markets for them.


-       Access to a recognised source of expertise and knowledge: PMC’s auditors and technical experts, and our standards specialists, are all recognised as experts in their field, and their knowledge has been tapped to produce PMC’s range of world class generic training courses, including PMC’s prestigious Certified Colour Champion programme.

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