To obtain a fully costed proposal for any of our certification or product testing services, please contact PMC on  admin@printcertification.co.uk.


ISO 9001 certification

PMC’s certification for ISO 9001, the Quality Management Systems certification, is the guarantee of an effective and well implemented quality management system. Our assessors are all specialists in the field, and so their assessment work is highly relevant and useful for our clients. PMC’s accredited scope for ISO 9001 includes not only the paper, print and publishing sectors, but also web design and web hosting, an important area of growth. PMC can offer combined assessment of ISO 9001 with ISO 14001 and/or ISO 12647-2, which helps reduce the time and costs involved in auditing.


ISO 14001 certification

PMC’s ISO 14001 certification is the mark of a truly excellent environmental management system. Our assessors are all specialists in the field, and aim to ensure that our clients meet the standard, thereby bringing the full range of benefits that a properly implemented environmental management system can bring, which are benefits not just for the environment itself, but in reductions in costs, and greater efficiencies for our clients.

ISO 14001 assessments can be combined with ISO 9001 and/or ISO 12647-2, reducing the amount of time and the costs involved in auditing.


BPIF Colour Quality Management Scheme certification, including ISO 12647

PMC is the only  certification body for the BPIF Colour Quality Management Certification Scheme in the UK. PMC’s leading edge certification is the benchmark for colour quality in print.

The BPIF's scheme is designed to combine a quality management system with the requirements of ISO 12647, and other colour quality standards, to ensure colour quality on a consistent and ongoing basis. Certification is therefore not just an "MOT" on a single item of print, but a guarantee of ongoing colour quality to the industry's customers.

Both printers and print managers may be certified under the scheme, and an existing ISO 9001 certification is not a pre-requisite for the scheme. If required, BPIF scheme audits can be combined with ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 audits, and transferring a 9001 or 14001 certification to PMC is easy: we simply pick up your audits and include the BPIF Colour Quality scheme at the next scheduled visit.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the BPIF's scheme requirements document then please contact the BPIF direct, www.britishprint.com.


ISO 12647 product compliance testing

PMC can offer product testing for the BPIF colour quality management certification scheme as part of the audit and certification process, or stand alone product compliance testing for ISO 12647. Please see the PMC Colour Centre for further details. If you'd like to arrange a product compliance test then please contact Jon Stack at PMC.   


ISO 27001 certification

PMC can provide certification for ISO 27001, the information security management systems standard. ISO 27001 is becoming essential for companies for whom the protection of information is critical, or who manage information on behalf of others, where the security of the information is essential to those customers. With more printers, print managers and media companies handling customer data, the requirement for certification to this standard is set to increase. Please contact PMC if you would like a proposal for certification or to find out more.


Chain of Custody / ISO 16759 Carbon Footprinting for printed products

PMC can arrange for certification for FSC® (Licence code FSC-C004309) or PEFC Chain of Custody, either via the UK's certified FSC group scheme for the print, paper and publishing sector or  through stand alone certification. 

PMC offers two services for carbon footprinting of printed products for ISO 16759, the new ISO standard for calculation of carbon footprints of printed products: PMC can provide audit and certification of carbon footprint calculators, and verification of carbon footprint calculations, both for ISO16759.

Please contact PMC if you would like a proposal for certification or verification or to find out more about the carbon footprint certification and verification.






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